What is Supplemental Security Income?

What is Supplemental Security Income?

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A disability can be a major hurdle for a San Diego resident to have to clear in order to secure gainful employment. Even if a disabled person can find a job, their employment may not be sufficient to help them pay for all of their basic needs and costs associated with condition. Many disabled men and women are precluded from working because of their impairments.

When a disabled person does not have enough money to live, they may be eligible for supplemental security income (SSI) through the Social Security Administration. This post will discuss what a person must do to qualify for SSI but no part of this post should be read as legal advice or an endorsement that a person will be granted SSI. All questions about Social Security disability matters should be directed to knowledgeable attorneys.

Who can get SSI?

Supplemental security income is not only for disabled individuals. It is also for individuals who are at least 65 years old or who are blind. Individuals who qualify for SSI do not have to be destitute, but their income or access to support must be below an established threshold. Citizenship and residency requirements may also be considered during an SSI evaluation.

What is the SSI claim process?

There are different ways for an individual to file a claim for SSI, and their Social Security disability attorney can advise them of the most efficient method to seek fulfillment of their claim. Once an individual has started their claim they may be asked to attend a meeting with a Social Security officer to review the statements they made in their application.

The Social Security Administration will look for different forms of evidence to approve or reject a claim. An applicant may be asked to submit to a medical evaluation to determine if they are disabled for the purposes of receiving SSI. If a person is unhappy with how their SSI determination resolves, then they can choose to appeal the decision.

There are many steps to securing SSI through the Social Security Administration. It can be helpful to an applicant to get advice and support from a knowledgeable legal professional. All claims are different and individuals can benefit from securing guidance on their particular legal needs.