What information do people need to start a SSDI application?

What information do people need to start a SSDI application?

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From time to time people in the San Diego will become sick or suffer injuries. This is bound to happen at some point in time. The severity of the illness or injury can vary greatly though. People may develop a common cold and feel under the weather for a few days or they could develop cancer or other types of life-changing diseases. Similarly, people may suffer injuries such as bruises or strains or they could suffer spinal cord injuries which can prohibit people from doing many of the activities they were used to being able to do.

One of the activities that they may not be able to do is their job. If they cannot work this can lead to financial difficulties in addition to the physical difficulties that they are facing. People with more serious injuries and illnesses prohibiting them from working may be able to receive social security disability benefits (SSDI) though. These benefits can provide them money each month to help replace the income they are losing.

Required information for SSDI applications

In order to receive these benefits people need to apply for them. Like any application, there is certain information that needs to be included in them. People will need birth certificates, proof of legal status to be in the country; W-2s or tax returns if self-employed; an adult disability report stating information about the injury or illness as well as the individual’s work history; documentation from medical professionals regarding the injury or illness; recent pay-stubs and documentation regarding any workers’ compensation the person is receiving and other relevant information.

Once people suffering from significant injuries and illnesses in San Diego have gathered the required information, they can apply for SSDI. This is just the start of the process though and they will still need to be approved. This can be a long and complicated process requiring additional information. It can be worth it though and experienced attorneys may be able to guide one through the process.