What to do if you receive SSDI and your work activity changes

What to do if you receive SSDI and your work activity changes

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One of the biggest problems a person in San Diego with a disability will have to face is the time they can no longer work due to their medical condition. This can be a blow not only to one’s identity and self-esteem, but also to their pocketbook in the form of unpaid bills, living expenses and medical expenses. For this reason, many people seek and are approved for Social Security disability benefits. However, what happens if your condition improves and you are able to resume your work duties?

Informing the SSA of your work activity

If you receive Social Security disability benefits, you must inform the SSA if there are any changes in your work activity. For example, you must inform the SSA immediately if you start or stop work. If your work duties, hours or pay change, you must inform the SSA of these changes. Finally, if you start paying for disability-related work expenses, you must inform the SSA of these expenses. The SSA will send you a receipt verifying you reported this information. Save this notification and any paystubs.

Will working cause your benefits to stop?

If, after reporting work activity, the SSA believes you no longer meet their requirements for awarding benefits, your disability will be deemed as having “ceased.” This may be the case of the SSA determines you are able to work at the substantial gainful activity level or your disability has otherwise improved. If your work leads to SGA, the SSA’s decision will be effective the month that the evidence has shown you are able to meet the SGA requirements. If the SSA decides your medical condition has improved, the decision will be deemed effective either the month shown by the evidence or the month you receive written notification from the SSA, whichever is later. In either case, the SSA will pay you three more months of benefits as a “grace period.”

Learn more about working and SSD benefits

It is essential that if you experience a raise in income or hours worked, that you inform the SSA immediately, so that you are not responsible for paying back benefits. This post is for educational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Our firm’s webpage on SSD benefits may be a good starting point for those who want more information on this topic.