How does a special examination order impact my SSDI case?

How does a special examination order impact my SSDI case?

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For San Diego residents who are unable to work because of a medical issue, Social Security Disability Insurance is an option they might want to explore. There are basics that must be followed when seeking SSDI. That includes providing the necessary medical evidence that the condition is of sufficient severity that the benefits are warranted. The Social Security Administration relies on its Disability Determination Services to assess the claim and decide whether the benefits will be approved or not. In cases where there is not enough medical evidence for a decision, a special examination might be needed. Understanding how this process works is essential with the claim.

The details of a special examination

It is not uncommon for claimants to worry that the special examination request is a sign that their claim is going to be denied. However, it is simply an attempt by the DDS to make sure that it is making a fair decision and has all the information it needs to do so. The SSA will pay for the test and any travel associated with it. The claimant is expected to be cooperative when this request is made. Simply not showing up is not an option as it will force the DDS to make its decision based on the information it has. That information has already been deemed insufficient making it likely that the claim will be denied without the results of the special examination.

The medical professional conducting the special examination is only obligated to assess the person for the specified reasons in the case. The doctor plays no further role than giving the special examination. He or she does not decide if the person is disabled. A report will be filed with the DDS. This report will be reviewed along with the other medical information. Then the person will be informed of the decision. Just as with any decision, a denial can be appealed at four levels: reconsideration, a hearing before an administrative law judge, a review by the Appeals Council and a Federal Court review.

Professional guidance can address concerns and help with the process

When seeking Social Security disability benefits, the process can sometimes be worrisome and complex. Whether the person is suffering from a physical or mental condition, it is imperative to follow the rules for SSDI and provide all the necessary information. That might include a special examination. For this or any concern regarding an SSDI claim, it is wise to have professional assistance from the start. Consulting with experienced professionals can be critical to assuage fears and adhere to all the requirements of a claim or appeal.