Definition of disability can create problems for SSD applicants

Definition of disability can create problems for SSD applicants

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The Social Security Administration requires disabled individuals to prove that their disabling conditions meet a specific definition of disability when those individuals apply for Social Security disability benefits. For some San Diego residents, proving that their disabilities fully comply with the disability definition accepted by the Social Security Administration can be difficult. When an individual fails to fully meet the definition, their application for Social Security disability benefits may be denied.

This post will provide an explanation of the elements of the definition for disability used by the Social Security Administration. No part of this post should be read as legal guidance or advice for any reader. When concerns about disability benefits and the application process arise, individuals can rely on the council of trusted disability benefits attorneys in the greater San Diego community.

Understanding the definition of disability

The definition of disability that applicants for disability benefits must meet focuses on their ability to earn money through gainful employment. The first element of the definition requires an individual to be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity. This does not mean that an applicant cannot earn any money but may mean that they are unable to earn enough money on which to live because of their disability.

The second part of the definition focuses on the medically determinable nature of the applicant’s disability. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of accepted disabilities which may qualify applicants for benefits. Individuals can check to see if their disabilities are included therein.

The final portion of the definition requires an applicant’s disability to last for at least one year. Short-term disabilities do not qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If an individual’s disability is permanent, will result in death, or lasts for at least 12 months, they may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Getting help with disability benefits questions

As readers can see, just defining disability can be complicated when it comes to a disability benefits application. Not in all individuals are willing or able to complete their disability benefits applications on their own. They can always turn to trusted disability benefits attorneys for advice, representation, and counsel on their benefits questions.