Disability benefits may be available for children

Disability benefits may be available for children

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Many parents in Southern California are raising children who have serious illnesses, injuries or developmental issues that require a great deal of time and expense to address.

Oftentimes, the parents will have to continue to care for their children after they turn 18. It may be difficult for a San Diego parent to provide for his children financially in these circumstances.

These parents, or other caregivers for that matter, may be able to qualify for important benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Adult children may be able to receive through the SSDI program

Provided she had a legal disability prior to the age of 22, an adult child may be able to qualify for benefits because of her parent’s payments into the Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, program.

Once the child turns 18, he will have to demonstrate that he has a disability according to Social Security Administration’s definition in order to get these benefits. He also must have a parent who has died, is retired or is also disabled.

The benefit of this program is that the young adult looking for benefits does not have to demonstrate financial need. Since the eligibility for the benefit is based on her parent’s work history, she also does not have to demonstrate that she has made significant payments into the system herself.

Minor children with disabilities may qualify for Supplemental Security Income

Children under 18 who have disabilities may be able to qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI. To do so, the child will have to demonstrate that he has limited income and resources to support himself.

He or his representative will also have to prove that he is legally disabled. The Social Security Administration uses a different definition of disability when reviewing the cases of children.

Families who feel like they could benefit from children’s Social Security benefits should evaluate their legal options carefully.