Do you know how to gather evidence for your claim?

Do you know how to gather evidence for your claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Social Security Disability |

If you’re suffering from a disability and are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, then you have to know how to navigate the evidentiary intricacies of your case if you hope to position yourself for success. But how do you go about building a strong disability claim? We hope that this post will provide some insight.

Building your Social Security Disability claim

As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, each qualifying medical condition has its own requirements that must be met before disability benefits will be granted. Looking at the big picture, though, you’re going to need strong medical evidence to support your position. This means that you should do each of the following:

  • Ensure that your medical providers are qualified to diagnose and treat your condition.
  • Obtain timely medical care following the onset of your medical condition.
  • Secure all follow up treatment as recommended.
  • Seek out treatment from facilities that have the ability to provide you with the recommended care.

Keep in mind that if the government determines that you haven’t followed one of the steps identified above, it can require you to undergo a consultative examination with a doctor that you don’t get to choose.

In addition to medical evidence, you need evidence to show how your condition inhibits your ability to work. Here, you’ll want accounts from those who know you and can speak to your newfound limitations. Medical and employment experts might also be able to help you here.

Build the thorough case that you need

If you want to maximize your chances of succeeding on your disability claim, then you need to be diligent and thorough in gathering your evidence and preparing your legal arguments. If you think that you could benefit from assistance in that regard, then you may want to discuss the intricacies of your case with an attorney you trust.