Qualifying for a compassionate allowance

Qualifying for a compassionate allowance

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security Disability benefits help many San Diego residents who are unable to work and earn an income due to a disability. However, the application process involves various steps and can take time. Like any process, there are no guarantees the application process will run smoothly, causing further delays and frustrations. This can cause harm to applicants with serious disabilities that desperately need benefits.

Certain applicants may be able to speed up the process of receiving disability benefits through the Social Security Administration’s compassionate allowances program. This program is designed to help speed up the application process for applicants with certain conditions.

The idea behind the compassionate allowances program is to provide benefits to applicants whose condition or disability meets the definition for a disability on its own. Diseases or conditions that typically qualify someone for a compassionate allowance include brain disorders, specific types of cancers or conditions affecting children.

What happens if I qualify for a compassionate allowance?

If the Social Security Administration determines that an applicant’s disability or condition is on the compassionate allowances list, the claim processing and approval will be accelerated, allowing the applicant to receive their benefits as soon as possible.

Typically, after an application is submitted, the Social Security Administration must obtain and review the applicant’s medical records to determine whether benefits are allowed. Under the compassionate allowances program, medical records are collected through electronic records transmission, allowing the determination to be made much faster.

The list of compassionate allowance disabilities or conditions is updated regularly, based on information from various sources and agencies. San Diego residents who are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits could benefit by speaking with a professional knowledgeable about Social Security law. They can offer information on the compassionate allowances list, and if so, provide guidance through the process.