Can I get my SSDI application expedited?

Can I get my SSDI application expedited?

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When you need Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you need it now. Unfortunately, there is no “I need it now” button or application that applicants can use. However, it may surprise SSDI applicants that the Social Security Administration does have automatic expedited application processes.

Computer-based quick processing

When you file your SSDI application, the SSA computers check each application to see if the application qualifies for the Compassionate Allowances or Quick Disability Determinations expedited application process. Both are computer-based systems where algorithms scan applications to see if applicants qualify for expedited review. If so, the applications are flagged for expedited review by SSA representatives.

Compassionate Allowances

CA is a list-based system where the computer algorithm looks at the medical condition claimed in the Del Mar, California, SSDI application. Then it compares it to an SSA list of preapproved diseases. If the application and the list matches, the SSDI application is flagged for expedited review. Some of these automatic qualifying conditions include ALS, pancreatic cancer, acute leukemia, etc.

Quick Disability Determinations

QDD is another fast-tract SSDI application process. However, instead of using a list, the QDD algorithm compares new Rancho Bernardo, California, SSDI applications with prior-approved applications. And, for those applications that are similar, they are flagged for expedited review.

Looks like science, but not so much

While both programs may seem straightforward, and you may believe you qualify for one of the expedited review programs, like any government program, it is not so easy. Indeed, some applicants who, on their face, seem to qualify for CA or QDD, they may be denied. This is usually because of some issue with the application. As such, many SSDI applicants use a San Diego, California, attorney to ensure their initial application has the best chance of approval.