Can I work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

Can I work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

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When you receive Social Security Disability benefits, you know there are income limitations, and as a result, you likely think that this means there is an absolute bar to working. However, that is simply not the case. The Social Security Administration has a program to allow disability recipients a pathway back into the workforce.

Do you want to work?

The first question is do you want to work? If the answer is yes, and you have the physical ability to get back to work, then the Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program might work for you.

This program allows people to return to work, which can allow participants to earn more money, which can lead to greater independence and freedom.

Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program

The program, also known as T2W, is free and voluntary for people 18 to 64 who receive disability benefits. The key part of this program is that your disability will not be re-reviewed as long as you are making progress toward your employment goal.

This means you will continue to receive your employment and disability benefits as you transition to full-time work. And, if you end up not being able to transition to full-time work, then you can transition back to full-time benefits.

The automatic loss myth

The key myth to dispel though is that you will not automatically lose your benefits if you want to get back to work.

The key is to work within the program to ensure that you do not lose your benefits and to ensure that you can transition back to full benefits, should employment not be possible.

The automatic medical review myth

The next myth is that you will not automatically receive a medical review if you participate in the T2W program.

Medical reviews occur periodically, but they do not typically occur during the T2W program, as long as the participant is making timely progress toward their goals.

If there was already a medical review scheduled, then it will proceed. T2W participation cannot be used to avoid a medical review.

If you are interested in getting back to work, you can contact your California disability attorney to go over your options or the T2W Help Line.