How long will my SSDI last?

How long will my SSDI last?

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Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) provides much needed financial support for California residents with qualifying disabilities. Being approved for SSDI can help you pay your bills and living expenses if you suffer a disabling injury or illness and can no longer work.

Your SSDI is meant to last until you no longer have the disability that prevents you from working. You are required to notify the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) if there was a change in your condition that would impact your eligibility for benefits.

Generally, you should report changes if your medical condition improves, and you are no longer considered disabled or if you start working again.

If your condition remains the same, the SSA will periodically review your case. This is called a continuing disability review.

How often do continuing disability reviews happen?

How often your case is reviewed depends on your circumstances and the likelihood that your disability will improve.

You can expect a review within 6 to 18 months after your benefits are approved if your condition is expected to improve.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if your condition will improve or not. In these cases, a review will be held every three years. Conditions that are not expected to improve are typically reviewed every seven years.

What happens at a review?

When it is time for your review, you must provide updated information about your condition. You will also be expected to provide updated information on your income and living situation.

The document you receive approving your benefits should state when your first expected review will be held.

Knowing a review is coming up can be stressful, as you may worry about your benefits being discontinued. It can be helpful to seek advice and information on what to expect and your chances of keeping your SSDI benefits.